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Seldom do I touch on my personal life when discussing my music, but when it affects my work to such a degree as this year, it seems only fair to my supporters that I shed some light on my lack of regular music involvement.  In truth, I’m at an inevitable crossroads, not concerning one aspect of my life, but several.  This has led me to more or less lose touch with the promotional aspect of my music.  However, I stress that this should not be interpreted as a lack of productivity.

On the contrary, I’ve more or less become a recluse to my personal studio.  I have always believed that the greatest art is the kind that is therapeutic to its creator; the kind that serves as an opportunity to transmute difficult or otherwise grand feelings into beautiful and awesome forms of expression (call me a cliche).  That said, in recent times, I’ve been confronted with a lot of truly challenging and even emotionally provocative obstacles.  Every hard feeling is fuel for creation, and I am proud to say that I did not waste an ounce.


The results have been gorgeous.  What I have to present is what I consider to be my greatest work to date by a long shot.   It’s the embodiment of many struggles that have been very near and dear to me, and I hope this allows my listeners to connect on a new level.    No work of mine has ever been this versatile, so I urge you to at least briefly sample each track before internally forming your verdict.  Also, with your critique, please keep in mind that this is the work of one single person; There were no producers, no external funding, no paid studio time— Just ONE writer / performer / editor / designer / artist in a self-assembled studio.

I’ve changed a lot in the creation of this work, and I invite you to learn why.

I give you my latest album:


 BIGGER NEWS would perhaps be that it’s 100% complete and available for listening NOW, FOR FREE.  That’s right, my beloved supporters, FOR THE TIME BEING, the full 13 track album is available for streaming on both YouTube and Soundcloud.  Just scroll on down for the links and official track listing—

(There’s a nifty track selection interface for users on PC who listen via YouTube)



Track 1: You Didn’t Know You Had a Son
Track 2: Chief Dirty-Bird
Track 3: Heterochromia
Track 4: Silk Moth Polaroid
Track 5: Promethium Tonic
Track 6: Enigma in Red
Track 7: One Thing Thicker than Blood
Track 8: When the Sea Divides
Track 9: Platonic Lovers
Track 10: Burnt My Uniform
Track 11: The Witch
Track 12: Sticks & Stones
Track 13: Wishing Well



Been to the Gallows at HEADLINERS!

Been to the Gallows will be performing at Headliners on January 24th alongside The TUNESMITHS and The Dirty Grindstones!

Starts at 8 PM; $10.00

See the show details HERE

And in celebration of this announcement, here are 2 new songs!

“WHAT DO YOU CALL THESE?” by M. Edward James

“MATBOT 4000” by Been to the Gallows – dedicated to Matt Buchanan (creator of MATBOT4000, as seen in the “Hold on to Your Ghost” music video)

New Mike James solo track!

Instrumentalist and vocalist, Mike James, known from Been to the Gallows, Red Wolf, the Pseudo-Saints formally releases his new solo single “Sticks & Stones”.  We do hope you enjoy!

2 New songs

First up, one fresh off the press: “Heterochromia”

Next is a solo track from Been to the Gallows front man, Mike James

We hope you enjoy!

August 14th at Haymarket

Been to the Gallows will be performing alongside Blackwater ’64, Any Time After FourSeth Robinson at the Haymarket Whiskey Bar




Been to the Gallows will be performing at Mutiny Fest on July 20th!

Details here-


(Click to enlarge)

The record debut of B2TG’s new drummer: Ben Towles

We’ll let the track speak for itself!  We hope you enjoy!