New tracks! Hear ’em while they’re fresh!

We got some fresh songs from Been to the Gallows!

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“Long Gone”

“Hazel Eyes Hold My Hand”

“Streaming Vinyl Tears”

Each of these are expected to be on the final release of Autumn’s Promise.  We do realize that when streaming these songs from youtube or myspace, the sound quality of each song is mildly diminished.  The only way to hear the songs in the full, crisp clarity that they were recorded in would be to get a copy of the CD.  While it hasn’t officially been put out yet, if you contact us, we just might send  you a copy of some of our songs in CD quality.


Been to the Gallows – My House of Cards

While there’s already been a bit of an album put out there from Been to the Gallows, a few songs didn’t quite get on it due to a lack of certain editing ability. basically some songs were too loud, too quiet, or just didn’t blend well.  Here’s a song that wasn’t on the original cut, but will be on the final cut of the album: Autumn’s Promise, which is at this point a working title.

This song is called “My House of Cards”

Meet the Members: Mike James

First up will be yours truly:

My name is Mike James, that’s me lookin’ like a fool on stage.  I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember, it’s just something that I sort of inherited and have always loved doing.  I started recording around my freshmen year in high school, and needless to say, without any help I was no good at recording for a long time.  The good thing is, while I was really pretty bad, I thought I was pretty good, which is what kept me going, and now most tend to think I’m alright.

Most of my music has focused around the guitar, but you’ll hear me playing a lot of  other instruments from time to time, like the mandolin, the piano, even the occasional violin.  I consider myself a musician of strings all shapes and sizes.  Once you really learn one string instrument, the rest tend to come naturally.

I’ve done most of the work for Been to the Gallows (vocals, guitar, other instruments, & editing), In a way Been to the Gallows has been my own little project, but that’s not to say I haven’t had some help along the way.  I’m also the lead guitarist and vocalist for Flastic Plamingos, I’m the guitarist from Tyrantulasaurus and it’s predecessor, Abyssal Winds. I also help out with a lot of other musicians with recording and writing.

My main influences have been The White Stripes, The Black Keys, The Cold War Kids, Ben Folds, Who’da thought: Marvin Gaye, and of course who could forget Zeppelin & Floyd.

Check back later for other members of Tyrantulasaurus and Flastic Plamingos.  Believe me The best will be last.

New Blog!

Welcome!  This is the first post of the official blog dedicated to Been to the Gallows and related projects, like Flastic Plamingos, and Tyrantulasaurus.

A few years back

Mike and Quirk

Starting this week there will be weekly updates on all of these projects, most notably will be Flastic Plamingos soon to be released content, as well as Tyrantulasaurus’ plans to get back together to do in-studio recording.