8 Nights Away

A few years back, a local singer, Gracie Steiner, wrote a song entitled “8 Nights Away”.  Some of you may already be familiar with it, however few of you (if any) have heard the official recorded version.  It includes vocal tracks from both Gracie Steiner and Correon Wallace, it’s got drums from Ben Towles (Tyrantulasaurus, Flastic Plamigos, & more recently Authority Over Death), the rhythm guitar track is also done by Grace Steiner, and it’s also got lead guitar & piano by Mike James (Been to the Gallows, Tyrantulasaurus, etc.)

All together, this made for a pretty interesting combination.  If you like what you hear, let us know.  Maybe more will come from this group.

8 Nights Away


A sugary-sweet throwback: 2007

Anyone remember Autumn’s Promise?  written & recorded back in ’07

And of course, Blind, a song written and recorded shortly after Autumn’s Promise, the two were meant to go together.

Pink Floyd, anyone?

Pink Floyd is one of the biggest influences on modern music.   Their impact on the world of experimental music is everywhere you look.  The Pink Floyd influence has formed archives’ worth of covers and adaptations of their original music.  Here is the Been to the Gallows addition to those archives.

Been to the Gallows – Nobody Home (Pink Floyd cover)