Grendel’s Mother

Sadly, Joshua Lee has quit the Pseudo-Saints for personal reasons.  This means, among other things, that you won’t be hearing from the Pseudo-Saints for a while.  It also means, if and when a new drummer joins the Pseudo-Saints, you can expect some changes in the style of the Pseudo-Saints.  In the mean time, Been to the Gallows will be busier than ever, or at least busier than when the Pseudo-Saints were active.  To clarify, Josh is involved with other projects now, and was not by any means kicked out, in fact he’d be welcome back.  So, here’s a bonus song from the Pseudo-Saints.  It’s a slow one.  Hope you enjoy!

– Mike James


America, the Nuclear

“America, the Nuclear” is a song that I recorded almost two years ago that I just never showed anyone.  I’ve decided to release it now, along with a short story of the same title that I wrote for an English class at UofL.  You can download the story here.  All rights reserved.  It’s roughly 25 pages.   The painting seen in the video is also by yours truly, and it’s also called “America, The Nuclear”.  So consider this my complete America the Nuclear collection… (for now).  Enjoy!

-Mike James

America, the Nuclear short story