Wrapping things up:

This is the first track of my now complete CD. The recording portion is done. I’m over the hill. Next step is to go about getting physical copies made, and then contacting retailers, local and otherwise. Assuming things go as planned, (which let’s face it, they almost never do) it’ll be available soon. 11 tracks, probably around 7 bucks. Thanks to all my family and friends for the vast support you’ve provided me so far! That said, wish me luck.





This song is called “Amitola”.  It was recorded at the site of the Long Run Massacre of 1781, in which roughly 60 lives were taken, approximately 50 of which were Native Americans.  The song is intended to commemorate the lives lost in the massacre, by telling the story of Amitola, loosely based on the Long Run Massacre.  “Amitola” is a Native American female name that translates to “Rainbow”, which is significant to the lyrics, which are as follows:


Could have shown ‘ya

all the colors

in Takoma

You remember

in December

all the ashes

burning embers

Well, they shot her

and her father

I saw them floating

in the water

All the fire

burning higher

village screaming

like a choire


could have shown ‘ya

all the colors

in Takoma