The studio is being moved!

After roughly Seven years, my studio is being moved to a bigger place. The room itself was a work of art, and I’ve photographed literally every inch of it, because sadly it’s now going to be painted over. Nearly every song I’ve ever done was recorded in this room. I’ve had dozens and dozens of musicians come through to record and jam, all of which signed the wall. Also, if you’re on Facebook, find your name and tag yourself!



Live show April 22nd

For the vast majority of its existence, Been to the Gallows has been a solo recording project, and while I’ve managed to perform more than my share of live shows (with the Pseudo-Saints and other bands), I’ve never done an official show for Been to the Gallows.  That changes on April 22nd.  A number of tracks from the album “A Knock at the Door” will be performed, as well as some older songs, some covers, and even a few new songs that have yet to be heard.  Do not miss this.


As said by the flier, Owen Stovall and Warren Combs, two local musicians who I’m proud to be playing with, will also be doing their own sets.  Do yourself a favor and check both of them out.  If you have any questions, HERE is the Facebook page for the event.