Show with the Debauchees and Plastic Inevitables Sept. 1st


This Saturday, Sept 1st at the Bard’s Town

Starts at 8:00

5 bucks

Hope to see you there!


The “Cryptozoology” experiment

For this experimental track, I took a look back at a number of my past tracks, and I selected a few that I felt really proud of.  Once I had my selection, I spent some time trying to pin point what it was about each one that made it stand out from the rest.  In some cases it was a lyrical style, while in others it was an effect on the guitar, or the use of a particular instrument.  For this track, “Cryptozoology”, I attempted to take the unique element from each song and synthesize them into one mix.  If you’re a fan of our music, elements from previous songs should be apparent.  With that said, I hope you enjoy this one-

This Saturday- 4th Annual “Cancer Sucks” benefit show

This Saturday is the 4th Annual “Cancer Sucks” benefit show at the Rudyard Kipling (422 West Oak Street  Louisville, KY 40203).

There will be free food, and a ton of great live music.  Been to the Gallows will be performing, as will the Tunesmiths and a number of other local musicians/bands.  A $10 donation is requested, and we encourage you to donate.  100% of the earnings will donated.  It’s gonna be a great evening for a great cause.  We encourage you to come make it  blast with us whether you donate or not.  We hope to see you there!


6:30 – Free Pizza Buffet

7:30- the Music starts

9:45 (or so)- Been to the Gallows

10:30- the TuneSmiths