Scot Hubbs – Uncivilized

Scot Hubbs is one of Louisville’s last legitimate folk artists, and we’re proud to be able to make music with him.  On this song, the lead guitar, percussion, and vocals were performed by Scot Hubbs, while the Ebow guitar was performed by Mike James (of Been to the Gallows).  The song was, of course, written by Scot Hubbs & it’s called “Uncivilized”.

While Been to the Gallows is currently recording a new album, we’re hoping that collaborations with other artists like this will tie our listeners over until more details on the album emerge.  Until then, you can expect to hear more from Scot Hubbs in the near future.  Maybe even an EP of some sort?  Scot knows we’ve been barking up that tree for a while now… but you never know.


A couple of announcements…

First and foremost, Been to the Gallows has started recording a new album!  This is the second full album to be recorded by Been to the Gallows, the first being A Knock at the Door (which is available at Underground Sounds as well as at live shows).  Fun details on the album are soon to come… but until then, check out the first track to be unveiled from it- (Switch to 1080p for best sound quality)

Also, Been to the Gallows has officially settled into a new studio space!  It’s been dubbed “Enigma Machine Studio”, in association with Cul De Sac King Records.  As many of you have already seen, here’s a photo of the space while it was still under construction-

(It’s also featured briefly in the music video for “Mother Nature Should’a Told Me”)

Last, but not least, you can catch Been to the Gallows at the Bard’s Town on October 13th.  See the flyer below.  Details here-