UPDATE: You can listen to the recorded show now, right here!  Near the end of the show, a new track “I Wrote Myself a Letter” was revealed from the album Cryptozoology, though it may have been previously heard at live shows and/or on live recordings.  No worries though… we’re saving all the best tracks until the release of the album.

Thursday, January 31st, Red Wolf will be appearing on HippyHead’s Spotlight on CHR, so be sure to tune in!

Mike James, from Been to the Gallows, will also reveal a never-before-heard track from the new Been to the Gallows album, “Cryptozoology”.

The show starts at 8:00!



Live samples from Tim Faulkner’s Art Gallery

First up is Been to the Gallows performing the live version of a track that will be featured on the new album Cryptozoology, which will be released soon.

Next, the debut of Red Wolfan ambitious new project led by Scot Hubbs.

Last, but certainly not least, a very big thanks to Kevin Fow for recording and editing these videos!