Mike James- Been to the Gallows (vocals and various instruments), Flastic Plamingos (guitar and vocals), Tyrantulasaurus (guitar),  Abyssal Winds (guitar), & The Pseudo-Saints (strings and vocals)

Ben Towles- Been to the Gallows (percussion), Tyrantulasaurus (percussion)

Shelby Lieffring Been to the Gallows (percussion)

Curtis Harris- Flastic Plamingos (keys and bass), and occasionally Been to the Gallows (keys and percussion on some songs)

Marty Quirk- Abyssal Winds (vocals), and Tyrantulasaurus (vocals)

Doug Wilham– Abyssal Winds (bass), and Tyrantulasaurus (bass)

Joshua Lee- The Pseudo-Saints (drums), and Abyssal Winds (drums)


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  1. Joshua Lee is the best drummer alive! the saints rock!

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