Cul De Sac King artists on CHR!

As always, the Cul De Sac King Records crew extremely grateful to our close friends at Crescent Hill Radio for featuring our music.  Last night the TUNESMITHS performed live on the Hippyhead Spotlight and two Been to the Gallows tracks were featured.  You can hear the whole show HERE right now!



It looks like at the moment we’re back in the gist of posting singles on here…  But trust us, there’s plenty of news on the way.

Here are 2 that you probably haven’t heard yet—

The first one is a fresh out of the oven Been to the Gallows track.  It’s called “Enigma in Red” &  it’s a long one.

And here we have an acoustic track called “The Arbor”, previously unveiled on CHR.

Red Wolf, Mike James, Owen Stovall & Warren Combs THIS FRIDAY

UPDATE!!!  Despite what the flyer says, THIS SHOW IS NOW FREE!!!

This Friday, at the Bard’s Town, you can catch RED WOLF and Mike James (of Been to the Gallows) performing acoustically alongside other local artists, Owen Stovall and Warren Combs!  This marks the debut of Mike James as a solo performer!  So don’t miss it!  Only 4 bucks, 7:00!


Show on 3/30 + more info!

In case you didn’t make it to the release show, you can catch Been to the Gallows performing alongside the Dirty Church Revival at Gerstle’s this Saturday!  We’d love to see you there, and  it’d be a great time to snag a copy of the new album!  If you can’t make it to the show, Matt Anthony’s record shop (located at the Time Faulkner Gallery) is now selling the album as well!

THE SHOW BEGINS AT 10:00!  5 bucks!



Cryptozoology release show

Details are on this flyer.  click to enlarge.

Here are some samples of the bands that will be playing in case you’re on the fence about it-












and of course BEEN TO THE GALLOWS

**ALSO**  The 13 track album “Cryptozoology” will be on sale 50% off (for 5 bucks) exclusively at this show.

2/28 HIPPYHEAD’S SPOTLIGHT to reveal 2 new songs + more news!

TONIGHT on HippyHead’s Spotlight…

Mike James from Been to the Gallows will appear to perform an acoustic track from the new album “Cryptozoology”, as well as reveal two new tracks, one from “Cryptozoology”, and another from… (drum roll please) …somewhere else!  *wink-wink*

Oh… and some other news will be revealed to…

It all starts at 9:00.  You can tune in right here from anywhere in the U.S. –



Cryptozoology release show