Did you think I was done?

It’s been a while since anyone’s heard anything new from Been to the Gallows.  This is mainly because of my involvement with the Pseudo-Saints and our release of Grendel.  Since then, I’ve been busy in the studio.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been hard at work on some new tracks.  Two of which you can hear right now!  A few more are soon to come.  I hope you enjoy!

First up is what I intend to be the preface of my album/CD/EP, whatever you want to call it, whenever it may be done…


Next, another traditional rock n’ roll track.  “To Get Out of This Place”.  DO watch in 480p!


Thanks for Listening.

More to come, likely next week.



Grendel EP out now!

The Pseudo-Saints’  EP, “Grendel”, is available now at Ear X-tacy and Underground Sounds.  You can also get a copy from members of the Pseudo-Saints, Mike James or Joshua Lee.  We hope you enjoy!


See the Pseudo-Saints live at the Brycc House, also with Easy Morning Rebels and Fool on a Hill, Febuary 26th, starting at 7:00.  $5.00 at the door!